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Company Profile

Company vision:
Our vision is to be an exceptional ship brokerage, marineequipment & shipping company. Anchor ship is a fast growing logistic company in oil and gas industry. Our daily focused has always been the satisfaction of our clients, guiding principles of integrity and also maintaining a vigorous relationship with our partners: maritime equipment manufacturers and ship owners and associates, is closely linked to the ability to develop our vision.


Our mission:
The company’s main focus is delivery maritime equipment, drilling tools and vessels and   services that enhance the various segments in oil and gas industry.


Anchor ship has  enjoy enduring success because we have a core purpose and core values in business and fully respect  our customers, manufacturers and associate and the community  that remain fixed, while our  strategies and practices endlessly adapt to a changing world.


Corporate culture, creativity and organizational behaviour in our diversity and unity navigate our changes in line with our associates and clients which has helped us to realizing our vision.