About Us

ANCHORSHIP.NL Boasting over twelve year`s experience in Maritime & Marine and oil & gas logistics, where trust on delivery is paramount. WHO WE ARE ANCHORSHIP Maritime dept handle the sale/purchase & ship management & Chartering of commercial vessels. with our ship owners & Clients around the global . Our company is focused on marketing for ship owners, research and the valuations of ships, consultancy firm which provides services to Maritime-Marine & oil and gas.

ANCHORSHIP Marine dept handles the supply of offshore vessels such as tug boats, supply vessels, dredgers, platform supply,pipelaying barges, cable laying barges etc. to support the works of offshore marine and oil and gas companies.

ANCHORSHIP Chartering handles the logistics of oil & gas industry and movement of refined products and international cargo around the global.

We assist ship owners to sell & purchase and manage their vessels and we charter out commercial ships to our clients.

Our office is a few kilometers away from the busiest sea port in Europe, Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.Determination,Self-confidence,A willingness to take risks, An ability to seize the initiative,Perseverance,Competitiveness,Self-reliance,A strong need to achieve. We share the opinion that ability to satisfactorily deliver on any job is predicated on a firm understanding of the job. Through continued partnership with regulated community, associates and clients we have been able to steer our ships and deliver on our promises.